Class Descriptions

Most of our dance classes begin with a floor and standing warm-up to strengthen, stretch and balance the body. Included are sequences that focus on joint articulation, balance, foot work and preparing the body to move through space. As movers dance through space, concepts drawn from the infinite possibilities of time, space and energy are explored through given movement combinations as well as through improvisation.

ADULT CLASSES  (For ages 18 and older)

Beginning Modern – For those who are new to dance or coming back after a long hiatus. Basic principles of dance and body mechanics are introduced and explored through floor /center work as well as through short movement combinations and improvisation.

Advanced Beginning – For those who have had some beginning level modern dance or are revisiting dance after a hiatus.

Intermediate – This class continues to develop the technical skills and creative exploration introduced in the beginning levels. Floor and center work are more challenging, movement phrases are longer, and students have developed a greater ability to integrate and express ideas through their dancing and improvisation.

Advanced – For those with extensive modern dance experience at a professional or pre-professional level.

Mixed Level Modern  –  This class is open to all students from Advanced Beginning to Advanced levels. 

Dance for the Ageless – This class is for those who are not defined by their age.  That being said, most of the participants are in the range of 50 to 80 years old. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and are given modifications if necessary for a particular physical issue they may be dealing with.  Improvisation is an integral part of class.

Improvisation/Composition – This class will focus on the use of improvisation to explore and generate ideas for choreography. Participants will then be guided in the process of shaping their ideas into set compositions /dances.

TEEN/YOUNG ADULT  (Ages 13 – 21)

Beginning Modern – For young people interested in a Modern Dance experience. Basic principles of dance and body mechanics are introduced and explored through floor /center work as well as through short movement combinations. Students have opportunities to  participate in improvisation and study choreography.


Creative Dance/Imagination Movers (Ages 3-5) – For preschool aged boys and girls, this class guides children to explore dance concepts through playful, structured activities accompanied by acoustic instruments and/or a wide variety of music. Plenty of positive reinforcement and smiles help preschoolers expand their movement vocabulary, develop body awareness, and gain self-confidence.

Creative Dance/Imagination Movers (Ages 5-8) – This class continues to present activities that help children increase their understanding of dance elements. Boys and girls explore dance ideas, practicing movement skills and enjoying new challenges. Students at this age begin to create their own dances and share them with their peers.

Creative Dance/Imagination Movers (Ages 8-12) – For older children who are interested in opportunities to explore movement, improvise, and choreograph.  This class also introduces students to basic modern dance technique as motor coordination and endurance increase.

Parent/Infant/Toddler Dance – Infants and toddlers move to stimulating and relaxing music along with parents/guardians and learn through manipulation, imitation, observation, and exploration.

Family Dance (Ages 5-10) – This class focuses on partner and small group activities as parents/guardians and their children have fun developing dance skills together.

First Friday Improv Gatherings

Held on the first Friday of every month, these events are open to all ages and levels of ability. We improvise together based on movement ideas offered by individuals in the group. As we dance, we practice remaining present in the moment, responding to other dancers, finding new ways of moving, and discovering form as it emerges.